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Letter to Community – Rapid Testing Update – March 28, 2022

In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, reduce absenteeism, and to continue to support our school communities, the Trillium Waldorf School is pleased to offer rapid antigen test kits for symptomatic students and staff. In alignment with the updated testing guidance from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, when a student or staff member returns from an unplanned absence, they are able to receive a rapid antigen test (RAT) kit, to be used only if the individual is experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID-19. We are providing updated guidance regarding the use and handling of rapid antigen tests. Click here to read the full letter (link).

Letter for Parents – Lifting of Mandates – March 15, 2022

The Health and Safety committee is pleased to announce the lifting of the provincial mandates on March 21, 2022 that have been imposed on our school during this pandemic. For the full details, click here to read the full letter (link).


  • Please use the screening tool each day and follow the direction of isolation and self monitoring in the case of illness or COVID-19 exposure. Further questions on this can be directed to Public Health.
  • The mask mandate has been lifted and there is no daily requirement for students, parents, Faculty, Staff or visitors to wear a mask, indoors or outdoors. Those wishing to mask may do so at their own discretion.
  • Hand sanitizer will remain available throughout the school and the current practice of hand hygiene will remain in the place.
  • All visitors and parents are welcome at the school in the same circumstances as pre-pandemic, indoors and outdoors.

School Screening Tool

Please use the Ontario Daily School Screening to answer the “should my child go to school” questions – as Educators, we are not able to provide medical opinion or advice — this tool provides many answers to your questions! Still have questions? Please contact Public Health directly at 519-822-2715 ext 7006

Archived Health & Safety Policies

Our Faculty, Administration Board, and Volunteer Committee Members worked through the summer months of 2021 to develop a Safe Return Plan (link) created August 2021, that would align with the Ministry of Health, Ontario Government, and local Wellington-Dufferin-Public Health Unit, all while re-imagining what unique opportunities we can offer at Trillium and build toward an even stronger future. The plan was developed based on research and evidence-based practice in risk mitigation, while keeping the core values of Waldorf Education and Trillium Waldorf School in mind.

The 2020-2021 school year was a time of continual change, though our commitment to our school and our families has not waivered. Our Pandemic Task Force transitioned into the Joint Health & Safety Committee, and this smaller group of dedicated faculty, staff and volunteers continue to stay abreast of the updates from Public Health and the Ministry, and revise our policies and procedures to support the health and well-being of staff and students. Please see our COVID-19 Response Summary (link), created August 2021, for at-a-glance updates.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for more than a year now, and will most likely continue to be for some time, we recognize that these challenges will one day be behind us. By setting our sight on the future, we are poised to make meaningful decisions now that we can build upon tomorrow.

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