Inspired Learning℠ – 90 Years Worldwide

Trillium Waldorf School is part of an educational community of more than 2500 schools and kindergartens that circle the globe. Among the largest and fastest growing educational approaches in the world, Waldorf schools have served students in over 70 countries for 90 years. While each Waldorf school is independent, all share an approach that is fundamentally unique and influential as demonstrated by the numbers of non-Waldorf accredited institutions adopting Waldorf principles and methods.

Founded in 1996, Trillium Waldorf School offers a recognized Waldorf curriculum from Parent-Child through Grade 8. Waldorf Education℠  fosters inspired learning and delivers significant benefits:

An Integrated, Developmentally Appropriate Education

  • We focus on each student’s developmental needs and capacities through the stages of growth, and support these with a deeply experiential curriculum.
  • This curriculum integrates the visual, textural and performing arts to activate the senses and create deeper and more meaninful learning.
  • We offer a warm and inviting environment that nurtures development, growth and learning.

Ignites Life-Long Learning and Appreciation of the World

  • By attending to the holistic needs of the child at each stage of development, we engage our students deeply, and foster joy in learning.
  • We foster reverence and wonder for the world’s beauty and an awareness of the interconnectedness with all living things on the earth.

Cultivates Freedom to Think and Act

  • We encourage our students to freely develop as human beings who are able to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

Preparedness for a Changing World

  • We cultivate academics artistically through practical activities to awaken each students’ thinking and creativity.
  • We provide skills for life including self-discipline, independence, mastery of analytical and critical thinking.
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