Our bold plan for a bright future

Thank you Trillium community!

We have accomplished our goal! Due to the generosity of hundreds of school supporters we have successfully raised over $1 million in donations and $896K in investments to support the purchase of our school and property. We are now true owners of our future and will continue to create a world of possibilities for Trillium Waldorf School!

Owning our building and property will enable Trillium to continue providing the extraordinary Waldorf Education that develops bold, courageous, free-thinking, loving and giving citizens well into the future.

We are enormously grateful to those who have sustained the school’s vision for the last quarter century—our dedicated faculty, parents, alumni, grandparents, friends of Waldorf, and school leadership. Now, our entire school community has helped to complete this historic fundraising initiative, and together we will support Trillium to rise to new heights.

Trillium Rising Testimonials

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