Our bold plan for a bright future

Trillium Waldorf School has an incredible opportunity to purchase the school and property that has served hundreds of children and their families for so many years.

Owning our building and property will enable Trillium to continue providing the extraordinary Waldorf Education that develops bold, courageous, free-thinking, loving and giving citizens well into the future.

To meet this tremendous opportunity before us, the school launched the Trillium Rising campaign with a goal to raise $1 million in philanthropic support. As of January 2022, we are excited to announce we have reached and exceeded our fundraising goal! We continue to accept donations to the campaign until March 2022 with all additional contributions supporting our property purchase. Please click the “Make a Gift” link above. Every dollar raised from now until March will reduce the amount of the school’s long-term mortgage.

We also have a unique Community Bond program which seeks to raise $1 million in social investments from school supporters, local businesses, foundations and community members. Your  investment in the Bond program can directly support Waldorf education in our region, make an important contribution to the social fabric of our community and provide a guaranteed financial return for you and your family. For more information click the “Make an Investment” link above.

We are enormously grateful to those who have sustained the school’s vision for the last quarter century—our dedicated faculty, parents, alumni, grandparents, friends of Waldorf, and school leadership. Now, our entire school community is helping to successfully complete this historic fundraising initiative – together we can help Trillium rise to new heights.

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