*New* Nature Kindergarten at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre

Discover the benefits for your children of outdoor education with Trillium Waldorf School’s Nature Kindergarten new for 2024-2025

Learning outdoors provides young children with time in natural settings where they can play, explore, and experience the wonders of natural systems and materials. 

Engaged outside in all types of weather, children and educators observe natural phenomena and learn about the place in which they live. There have been forest kindergartens for almost fifty years in northern Europe for children three to six years of age and a growing number in Canada and around the world. Research shows that children in outdoor programs go on to do well in school. 

Some of the benefits children receive from spending more time in nature: 

  • Children have more opportunities to experience a fuller range and variety of movements.
  • Many children feel more “at home” in their bodies when they spend more time outside.
  • Children are more attuned to the seasons and their awareness of subtle changes is heightened.
  • Children experience a special kind of imaginative play from the sense of unlimited space and using natural materials.
  • Children can breathe out more expansively in an outdoor environment.
  • Nature forces are a balm, and balance overstimulation assisting children to self-regulate.
  • Children experience fewer social difficulties and are able to play more harmoniously with others.

Prioritizing time in nature, children will spend their days outside except for rest time and in very inclement weather. We have use of the log cabin at Crieff Hills for all our indoor needs.

Give your child the gift of the outdoors. In a world where we are finding ourselves increasingly separated from the benefits of nature, take this opportunity to immerse your child in the beauty, challenge, and physicality of an outdoor education!

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