Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ)

The DEIJ Committees support and enact the deeply important work towards diversity, equity, inclusion and justice at Trillium Waldorf School.  The DEIJ Committees’ membership will strive to include members of Faculty, Administrative Staff, Board, Parents, and Alumni.

DEIJ Tri-Pillar Committee – This committee is currently made up of parents, faculty, and alumni, and sets strategic goals based on the TrWS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals: to maintain a Working Document, to learn together, and to facilitate the work of sub-committees. 

DEIJ Hub – This committee is made up of faculty members. It meets to enact goals set by the Tri-Pillar Committee, and to look into any concerns related to equity and inclusion raised by members of the TrWS community, and to propose DEIJ professional development for faculty.

You can reach the DEIJ committee by emailing: deij (at) trilliumwaldorfschool.com

The following are some of the guiding documents related to DEIJ work at TrWS:

Trillium Waldorf School Position Statement on Racism in Waldorf Education: A Working Document (link)

Trillium Waldorf School Position Statement: Racism and Fundamentalism in Waldorf Education (link)

DEIJ Book Recommendations

As part of our work, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Committee occasionally makes book recommendations. This first set of book recommendations is on the theme of gender diversity, including trans and non-binary gender identities. The Committee have read all the books listed below and recommend them without hesitation. Click here to see the list of recommended books (link).

Healthy School Culture

TrWS has also been enacting the Healthy School Culture initiative to support inclusion in the culture of TrWS. The Three Streams of Student Support provide a structure for this environment and enable us to better assist students who are having difficulties educationally, socially, or behaviourally. This work is based on Kim John Payne’s approach to student development and support, and pulls heavily from the ideas of restorative justice and social-emotional intelligence. For more information, please visit the Healthy School Culture (link) page.

Tuition Adjustment Program (TAP)

Trillium Waldorf School believes in the ideal that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who wish it for its own values, regardless of their economic status, as expressed in one of our guiding principles above. We demonstrate our commitment to this ideal through our Tuition Adjustment Program (TAP), which exists to ensure that the acceptance of a child into our school does not depend solely on the financial resources of the child’s family. For more information, please click here (link).

Tuition Waivers for Indigenous Families

Trillium Waldorf School began offering Tuition Waivers for Indigenous Families in September 2023 as an act of reconciliation. We are compelled to this initiative to practice our values: we are kind, we are safe, we are respectful, and we are responsible, and to take a stand for equity, justice, and inclusion in education. This initiative is a small and important step to rectify some of the great wrongs of our nation, starting here at home, inside the walls of our great school. For more information on this program, please click here (link).

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