“Some day, when I have grown sufficiently, I shall attain that which I am destined to attain.” – Rudolf Steiner

Our students are at the heart of our mission as a school, and continue to be so after they have graduated. With more than 300 former students, the Trillium Waldorf alumni community is made up of ambitious, creative, and community-minded individuals who go on to pursue a broad range of interests and careers.

Alumni Spotlights

Kadyn Kapitain, ’16

McMaster University, BSc Kinesiology (Honours)

“Trillium showed me what I was capable of. I was given the space to excel, and I gained so much confidence in myself… Waldorf taught me to care deeply for the environment, to care about society, and so many other things.”

Avery Rabb, ’18

Cameron Heights CI, International Baccalaureate Program Candidate

“Trillium helped foster my love of learning through its unique educational style and its many amazing teachers, who always did their best to answer my many questions and make learning as enjoyable and invigorating as it should be.”

Lye Baisley, ’17

Environmental activist and farm worker

“Waldorf taught me to love nature, and when you love something, you’ll work to protect it. Our field trips to FourFold Farm, maintaining the Grade 3 garden, the building projects, the woodworking, the kindergarten soups; they all gave me a good introduction that I could use as a foundation to keep learning more.”

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