Your child is building the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving and learning. Play is an essential part of this process. Our kindergarten programs offer children (aged four through six years old), abundant opportunity for free play and exploration of the world around them (including weekly walks in the woods and regular farm visits in the fall), balanced by a healthy rhythm of group activities such as singing, movement, stories, artistic and practical work.

Our program will engage your child’s senses and emotions and this gentle introduction lays the groundwork for learning in the grades.  Outdoor games develop the connections between brain and body. Handwork develops the focus and fine motor skills needed for reading and writing. Songs and folk stories grow vocabulary and strengthen memory.

Your child will enjoy

  • Learning stories, poems and songs by heart
  • Helping prepare healthy snacks
  • Practicing good manners with their classmates
  • Exploring nature year-round
  • Plenty of time for creative free play
  • Creating art projects with natural materials
  • A schedule designed to create a gentle transition from home to school
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