Grade Three

Grade Three is typically a time when children go through profound developmental changes that occur between 9-10 years of age. We refer to this time as the ‘nine year change’.The Grade Three curriculum brings a healing element to the psychological uncertainty the child feels at this time by teaching many practical life skills. These skills reassure the children that they will be able to take care of themselves one day.

The stories in the Hebrew Scriptures reflect the child’s psychological experience. Like Adam and Eve, the children are leaving the paradise of childhood behind and having to go out into the world and discover how to live with other people and with the land.

The study of farming and gardening, shelters, and textiles, provides practical knowledge, while hands-on activities with farming, gardening, food preparation, house building, and the weaving of cloth provide valuable direct experience. The grade three student tends to be exuberant and inspired by this work: planting and harvesting in the school garden, daily collection of compost throughout the school, baking and preserving produce from the garden, and a building project.
Measurement and its evolution: taking measure of the world gives the children the confidence that they can manage it. Measuring length, width, weight and volume, charting time and handling money, all are important skills to possess.

Your third grader will learn

Language Arts: Grammar, spelling and cursive writing

Literature: Multi-cultural creation stories

Mathematics: Long division, measurement and telling time

Science: Farming, gardening and house building

German and French: Individualized dialogue, vocabulary, writing and reading practice, songs and stories

Physical Education: Folk dances, balance games, gymnastics, jump roping, hula hoops, clapping and chase games

Handwork: Crocheted ball, hat and puppet

Art: Watercolor painting, clay modeling and crayon drawing

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

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