Grade Two

Your second grade child possesses the innocence of early childhood and a growing interest in testing boundaries.  Each child has a deeper sense of his or her ability to grow and learn. This confidence comes with a bravado and social assertion that sometimes needs to be softened for a healthy social life.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to strengthen your child’s capabilities and teach new skills. A signature of the second grade is the study of fables and the stories of ‘saints’, which portray the highs and lows of human potential which reassure and inspire children of this age. As your child builds confidence in academic skills, these morals act as a subtle guide for social development.

The Grade Two  year continues to be structured around rhythms – the calendar and its festivals, the rhythm of the lessons which balances quiet focus and active movement,  the rhythms of movement such as clapping and stamping while reciting multiplication tables.

Your second grader will learn

Language Arts: Sentence construction, consonant blends and word families, speech, drama and cursive writing

Literature: Fables and global legends of wise beings/saints

Mathematics: The four processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, place value and Roman numerals

Science: Nature study

French and German: Phrases and commands, numbers 1-100, tongue twisters, fables, clapping games, math problems and songs

Physical Education: Basic tumbling, jump rope, parachute play, bean bag games, role playing, clapping and chase games

Handwork: Knitting a gnome

Art: Watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, crayon drawing

Music: Recorder and singing

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