We believe your child entered this world with an abundance of gifts and a life’s purpose.  To assist in unearthing and discovering your child’s gifts we offer a developmentally appropriate and experiential based approach to education.

As a parent we understand that where you choose to have your child spend their formative education is an important decision.  If chosen wisely this can inspire life-long learning and enable your child to fully develop their unique capacities.

You may question whether the school your child is currently attending (or will soon attend) is addressing all of your child’s needs.  You are determined to find a school and community that will welcome you openly and meet the holistic needs of your child and at the same time align with your family’s beliefs and values.

Our school may be just what you are searching for if:

  • You believe wonder, reverence and joy should be at the heart of early school life and these experiences should be enriched with outdoor exploration, painting, gardening, cooking and working with natural materials.
  • You believe all children deserve to be provided with a warm and inviting environment with loving teachers who care deeply for them.
  • You are looking for a grade school curriculum that is broad, comprehensive, vibrant and academically vigorous but also integrates visual, textural and performing arts on a daily basis.
  • You wish your child grows to be well-rounded, resilient and prepared for a changing world.
  • You value an education that provides skills for life including self-discipline, independence, and analytical and critical thinking.

Trillium Waldorf School (est. 1996) has routinely been voted the number one private school in Guelph. Our teachers serve children from birth to grade eight and are dedicated to inspiring an inner enthusiasm for learning.

Through our unique tuition adjustment program, we ensure that the financial resources of the child’s family do not limit their acceptance into our school.

Our school is best understood and experienced in person.  Please join us for a school tour, open kindergarten morning or search our calendar for upcoming events and festivals.

During our time together we trust you will witness our commitment to nurturing our students as they unfold and develop their unique potential, gain a deep inner sense of purpose and lifelong confidence to act as conscious citizens of a more beautiful world we know is possible.

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